Dutch craftsmanship and our Australian DNA, form the foundation of our aluminium Damsko.

The masterminds behind the LEKKER boats combined their knowledge of the boating scene in Amsterdam and Australia. They incorporated the best of two worlds into one design. They paired the comfort and socializing aspect of the well known "sloep" design in Amsterdam with the striking power and durability of the speedboats in Sydney. And there you have it, born was the Damsko! Designed and built in the Netherlands and capable of handling Australian beach life.


We believe in the essence of products. Designed with clean lines which all have a purpose. This elegant but yet robust craft has a certain minimalistic simplicity and a chic stylish sentiment.


Born in Australia and inspired by the iconic Dutch "sloep" design, the Damsko is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Looks can be deceiving, bet you'd never imagine this comfortable classic day boat (carrying up to 25 people) reaching a high speed. And that's exactly what makes this boat so damn unique. The Damsko will have you flying over the water with a top speed of 80km/h (42 knots). There's simply nothing like it out there!

Hull Shape

There's no denying the striking design of the vessel, with a pronounced deep vee shaped bow that transforms to a flatter hull shape towards the aft. It ensures that the Damsko can slice through a four-meter wave if need be. The hull has been built with a specific angle, giving the boat constant stability when conquering both calm and rougher water. The extended back end of the boat doubles as a swim platform and acts as the boat's wings increasing acceleration. The combination of the hull design and the inboard engine, allow you to beach the boat and explore the coast. 


LEKKER Boats are built to explore, discover and create your own adventures. Cruise the canals, ride the waves or skim across open water from the bay to beach.


Need for Speed

One of the most spectacular aspects of the Damsko is its hidden superpower, incredible speed. The Damsko can be outfitted with either a reliable quality Diesel or Benzine Mercury inboard engine. Whichever one you decide to choose, one thing's for sure. This bad boy can take you up to a striking speed of around 80km/h (42knots). Which is unheard of for this type of boat.


The design of the Damsko provides excellent handling and enables the boat to manoeuver with ease. The Damsko's turning circle is its own length, capable of making tight turns even at top speed. Due to the engine, it's easy to trim and race over the water. In short, this seaworthy vessel is incredibly easy to use.


The Damsko is completely focused on comfort and fun for both the guests and the captain, blending practicality with pure pleasure.


Every square inch of the Damsko is thoughtfully designed. The multi-purpose benches situated on the bow, the stern, and the sides provide ample and convenient storage space. Giving you more than enough room to stow belongings - and provide easy access when they're needed. Naturally, all compartments can be safely locked.

Spacious Deck

The captain enjoys an elevated position with a 360° view of his surroundings, even when the boat is fully loaded. The console is surrounded by lounge seats, resulting in a fun, convenient, inviting socializing deck. You can easily entertain up to 50 people whilst cruising or take 30 people out for an adventurous offshore tour. The best thing about it, the captain won't miss out on any of the fun!

Maintenance Free

We carefully choose the best materials for your boat and with the help of our team of experts, we're able to build the highest quality, maintenance-free and robust LEKKER Damsko.


The Damsko is built from 100% 5mm thick marine grade 5083 aluminium, making it extremely strong, durable and lightweight. In other words, no rotting wood, no "plastic fantastic" and no rust. Which is good news, because this means less upkeep. This timeless vessel will still be turning heads in 10 years time!

Self Draining

The non-skid cockpit deck contains big outflow holes making the deck self-draining. No need for a cover nor all the inconvenience that comes along with it. Giving you peace of mind in stormy weather or whilst it's patiently waiting for you at the dock during rainy days.


To guarantee that your Damsko will still look breathtaking years down the line, the hull is spray painted. The paint used is 8x thicker than the layer on your car, now that's impressive and durable! The advantage of using spray paint on an aluminium hull is that you can customize the colour, so the choice is yours!

Hand Built

Everyone's unique and has different tastes and wishes. We'll dedicate ourselves to build your Damsko around your character, your needs, and your dreams. This personalized process is something we pride ourselves on.


Legends aren't born they're built. This saying also goes for our Damsko, which is handmade in the Netherlands by our team of dedicated craftsmen. Legends to be exact, who precision weld, meticulously paint and assemble every single Damsko with passion and the utmost attention to detail.


We offer a tailored approach to our customers when selecting the finer details on the boat. You can choose your own colors for the hull and the cushion sets and there are an array of extra options which will reflect your personality and make the Damsko uniquely yours.

Damsko 1000 Open

Damsko 1000 OPEN Top


Length 10m
Beam 3.75m
Dry weight 3400kg
Draft Up 0,58m
Draft Down 0,98m
Freeboard 1,80m
Fuel Capacity 660L
Fresh Water 100/200L
Certificate CE & RCM
Max pers C30 / D50
Top speed 70km/h(38knots)
Material Aluminium

Damsko 1000 Cabin

Damsko 1000 Cabin top


Length 10m
Beam 3.75m
Dry weight 3900kg
Draft Up 0,58m
Draft Down 0,98m
Freeboard 1,80m
Fuel Capacity 660L
Fresh Water


Certificate CE & RCM
Max pers C30 / D50
Top speed 70km/h(38knots)
Material Aluminium


The phrase goes “fun in the sun” but a little protection never hurt anyone! With two options of roofing for your Damsko you have the ability to get the most (or a little less) of the sunshine. Handmade with custom colour options by GoNautic, and even a custom T-Top design just for Lekker Boats, you can decide what style you want.


Equipping your Damsko with this add-on extends your enjoyment on the boat and that's vital. The luxurious canvas top is made from 100% acrylic boat cloth, a material that is widely used in water sports because of its extreme durability. The canvas is supported by four metal poles, which provide stability and make it possible to easily collapse the bimini top when needed. This boat cover provides you with the needed refuge from scorching sun rays or protects you from the pouring rain. Either way, it extends your time on the water and that’s all anybody wants! Multiple colors available upon request.

T- Top

This custom made boat cover specifically hand build for the Damsko by a team of hard top specialists who deliver top quality. The walk around T-top frame is made from anodized aluminum and has a powder-coated finish, built to last. The t-top includes a windshield to protect you from potential water splatter and the water-repellent roofing shelters you against the rain and sun. Moreover, the construction of the t-top makes it perfect for attaching a fishing rod or a wakeboard. Giving your Damsko that sporty exterior & the functionality it needs with regards to watersport activities. 


What's a boat without a kick-ass sound system? A whole lot less loud and fun in our opinion. So, if you take fun seriously than there's no reason why you wouldn't equip your Damsko with one of the following waterproof stereo systems. We guarantee that you'll stand out on the water.

Jensen Audio

Stereo, Amplifiers (2), Speakers (6), Subwoofer (1)


A waterproof Jensen stereo system (+bluetooth), with 6 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and a subwoofer will complete the Lekker Boat package. JENSEN Marine products are specifically designed and tested to withstand the unique challenges of the marine world, such as moisture, salt air, humidity, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures. The latest technologies in all designs. 

Polk Audio

Stereo, Amplifiers (2), Speakers (6), Subwoofer (1)


Extremely well known in the boating electronics industry, Polk is famous for providing high performance, authentic audio solutions. This premium stereo package features 6 speakers, 2 amplifiers making sure you’ll be heard, the additional subwoofer makes this Polk audio system the icing on top the cake. 

Deck Floor

What are your deck flooring options? Well, we like to keep it simple. You can cover your Damsko with a non-skid floor or go for one of the ten nautiteek deck colors. Both deck finishes supply you with long-lasting durability. 


A slippery wet deck can be a dangerous thing – rest assured because all our Lekker Boats come included with a safe and stable, non-skid floor. Perfect for all conditions, from excessive rain to splashes caused by waves, the water's gone before you know it was even there. Furthermore, it protects your boat floors from unwanted scratches and dents. 


For those of you that like that classic style, the chance to enhance the beauty comes with the option of the nautical teak floor. Nauti-teek is made out of 100% pure homogeneous PVC, making it economically sustainable and less of a hassle to clean. Additionally, it’s UV and wear resistant, sea waterproof and can take a beating. A big advantage is that the nautiteek decks are mounted onto the deck as watertight laminated panels, so no protruding screw holes will be visible. There are 10 colors available, so plenty of choices to choose the ideal color that fits your taste. This is where a LEKKER Boat stands out among the crowded harbour with its chic sentiment.

Anchor Systems

Securing the Damsko cannot get any easier with our two options, making sure that wherever you dock or secure your boat it will remain there!

Basic Anchor System

This option comes with a 50-meter rope that holds a 7.5Kg stainless steel anchor, that will hold your Damsko steady in sand, mud, gravel, and rock. It’s simple, yet an effective way to make sure your boat doesn’t drift away. No need to worry about storing the anchor, the Damskos side benches supply ample storage space.

Electric Anchor System

If you don’t feel like raising an anchor by hand, this options the way to go. It provides you with hassle-free. The anchor system is built into the bow of the Damsko. All it takes is a click of a button on your console and the 50-meter long chain automatically moves out and drops the stainless steel anchor (7.5Kg) onto the seabed. Want to leave? No problem, just as fast as it went down it will come back up.

Engine Meters & Navigation


The Damsko is standard equipped with the SC1000 Speedometer. It delivers you all the information you need about the boat and the engine at a single glance. A clean, easy-to-read dial with a black frame and a display that’s scratch resistant and has an anti-fog coating resulting in worry-free care.


If you’re a classic type of person then our analog meters will suit your taste. The 6 clocks have a timeless and simple design, the clocks display the following inputs: speed, fuel level, RPM, motor temperature and time. They are also shockproof and corrosion resistant. Tailored for your needs, you can choose what clocks you want on your console.


Vessel View 703 provides precise, reliable control combined with increased clarity, high-definition resolution, wide viewing angles, and enhanced controls for easier operation in all conditions. VesselView 703 incorporates the new Simrad® SolarMAX® HD display. The display provides up-to-date information of more than 30 engine parameters, including Fuel Level & Range, Oil Temperature & Pressure, Battery Voltage, Water Depth, Genset and more. It supports 16 languages and multiple unit conversions. Not to forget the VesselView 703 also has an integrated echo-sounder and true dual-channel CHIRP, making it an essential fishing companion.

Bow Thruster

The bow thruster is a propulsion device situated in a tunnel that goes through the bow of the Lekker boat. By outfitting your Damsko with a bow thruster you make the vessel more maneuverable. Seeing as it provides lateral (port and starboard) thrust. Docking or entering a port couldn’t be easier, with the use of a joystick on the console, you’ll be sure to keep stress at bay with the flip of a switch!!


Uniquely Yours

The Damsko is handmade in the Netherlands by our team of dedicated craftsmen. Who tailor make the Damsko to fit all your needs. Want to see what's possible?


Damsko 1000

Our newest model offers you space, versatility, and speed. The Damsko 1000 is now available for test rides in and around Amsterdam.


Leisure vs Commercial purposes

The Lekker Damsko 1000 is the most spacious Lekker Boat out of our range, with all it's added extra's it can be used for both leisure or commercial purposes. Easily fitting 40 passengers whilst cruising around comfortably. Its versatility leaves you with tons of options.

What's new?

Boat shows, new models and blog posts. Don't miss out on the latest Lekker boats news!



First look!

The first Lekker Boats Damsko 1000 has been released. Enjoy the first views on our newest introduction! 


Fun in the Sun

Whilst cruising along the French Riveria the Damsko proves to be the ideal day boat. Seas of space where you can choose to entertain friends, enjoy the extended sunbed or relax in the shade under the Bimini!  


Miami vs. Norway

Discover the versatility of the Lekker Damsko. From warm Miami waters to the cold Norwegians lakes. Simply enjoy being on the water. 



We have looked closely at people's boating behaviour around the world, we've kept innovating our ideas and came up with a unique design that can be spotted from miles away.

Optional Extras

Extended Sunbed
Deck Shower
Bimini or T-Top
Water Ski pole / Waterskis
Antitheft lock with GPS


Engine with Sterndrive

MerCruiser Petrol 4.5L Bravo III DTS (250HP)
MerCruiser Petrol 6.2L Bravo III DTS (350HP)
MerCruiser Petrol 8.2L Bravo III X DTS (430HP)
Mercury Diesel TDI 3.0L Bravo III X DTS (260HP)
Mercury Diesel TDI 4.2L Bravo III XR DTS (370HP)
Alternative engines and electric options available

Need for Speed

Check out the different engine options, you've got the choice between multiple Mercury engines ranging from 250HP to 430HP or go for the rocket launch


Anchor System

The brand new and improved integrated electric anchor system is guaranteed to make your life easy! 


On Route

You'll never be lost at sea if you equip your Damsko with one of our Navigation systems.